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I want you to close you eyes. Imagine hearing the sound of the ocean. You are on the deck of a luxurious cruise ship and it’s just pulling away from the shore. On land at the pier,  people are lined up waving.

Stress is beginning to leave your body. Finally you can relax in anticipation of a fun vacation.

Open your eyes.

No worries about work or getting the children to basketball or cheer-leading because they are here. Along with your parents, cousins, aunts, uncle and close friends. Why even grandma came in her wheelchair.

Traveling with your family and friends can be great fun and adventurous too.

Happy joyful people group isolated white background.

What’s your definition of fun and adventure?

Jet Skying


Para Sailing

Zip Lining



An afternoon in the Spa

Relaxing on the beach

Massage anyone?

Beautiful Vacationing Woman on Tender Boat with Cruise Ship in the Background.

Take time to enjoy the special moments and times when family and friends get together on a cruise or all inclusive vacation.

No worries about cooking or what to eat or how much it costs. Go ahead order the Lobster or Prime Rib.

Meals as well as entertainment are included on a cruise or at an all inclusive resort.


Are you wondering what is the benefit of a cruise or all inclusive vacation


a  traditional land vacation?

Cruise or All Inclusive Vacation                                  Land Vacation

Accommodations                                                                                        Accommodations

Meals included                                                                                            Not included

Entertainment included                                                                            Not included

Meeting Space Often included                                                                Not included

Some Beverages                                                                                          Not included

Dedicated Children & Teen (ages 3-17) programming                       Not included


Each option has it’s pro’s and con’s. A Certified Group Event Travel Specialist  can help you to discover the best selection for your request.

Global Travel Your Destiny!


Each day we have the opportunity to fulfill dreams and fantasies, to be a blessing in the lives of others. Are you ready to join in the fun and excitement of group travel?  Stop putting it off, plan ahead, it is possible.

Here’s what happens next:


Fill out the brief group travel questionnaire

We’ll be in touch to schedule your complimentary consultation

Get ready to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime!

Learn how to host group travel events that are easy, lucrative and fun with our new book.

Make a donation to charity and get a copy of my new book for FREE!  at

(All Proceeds Go To Hope of Glory Ministries)

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 Spotlight on Italy with Laura Massoni

When I hit my 40’s I realized that what I missed the most was sharing my love for Italy, my home country, with the people around me. This love awakened my senses and made me closer to what I remembered dear to me. I believe one source of my passion, is the fact that I had a very slow and secure childhood. I used to take trips to the market with my mom, spend endless Sundays at my grandpa’s county house picnicking with family and friends, and the long family meals spent over the holidays.

The warm feelings, traditions and memories are what remain from my years of growth and traveling. There is also the knowledge that building a truly wonderful life begins in the heart. The heart is the home to the memories and the experiences that sustain us, the well from which we will draw incredible reflections and new adventures. Our goal is to leave a lasting memory in our client’s hearts, which they will take with them everywhere they go. This is why, I only share with you, the authentic Italian experience!

People with Italian Flag on top of Mountain

1. What would you say is the benefit in traveling in a group?

You can go in places without ever feeling alone, without being lost, it is a greater sense of security. You can share memories, laughter, stories and have doors open that you couldn’t if you were alone.

2. Why travel to Italy?

Italy has everything you ever wanted from a “complete” life, I call it, EXPERIENCE. If you like history, culture, food, wine, laughter and love this is the place for you.

Great Roman Empire - conceptual collage in retro style

3. What are some unknown or little known highlights to consider?

Anything even the known cities of Rome, Florence and Venice can be unknown. Italy has so much to offer and so many emotions to share that you can have great experiences by using the right provider. The one that knows the ins and outs of the country. Each of the 20 regions in Italy are a new discovery, they are all different.

Venice at night

4. What is on your travel bucket list and why?

I would love to spend more time in regions like Molise, Abruzzo, Marche and Puglia because they have undiscovered places and are less touristy.

Landscapes of Abruzzo. View of village and mountains

5. How has your travel experiences affected your life?

Having lived for so many years in the US, it taught me how to appreciate more the country I left behind. I love Italy and I love every corner of it and the warmth of the people.


Global Travel Your Destiny!


How do you benefit from using Jordan Travel Enterprise?

You benefit from our many travel sources and our global experience. Together with Laura we insure that you are well taken care of.



Laura Massoni

Laura Massoni is an Italian, born and raised with a passion for her home country. She loves to show the Italy she considers authentic and local to travelers. Her mission is to educate and empower the travel agency community about Italy.






Eva Jordan-Johnson Owner/Group Travel Event Consultant, Jordan Travel Enterprise, P.O. box 37, Oakland, Florida 34760 407 924-2760 and

Just like concerts are better live, so is travel.


HangGliding in Switzerland

Although we try, we cannot fully capture the wonder and beauty of the world in pictures or words.  It must be experienced.  And for those who, for whatever their reasons, choose to stay with what is familiar, they don’t know what they are missing.  They cannot know what they’re missing.

Neither pictures nor words can truly capture the:

  • Magnificence of nature.

  • Amazing creations built by people.

  • Experience of living life in new cultures.

When I was a teenager a close family friend took me on a 10 day “graduation trip” to visit her home country of Jamaica.  You may be thinking, “Jamaica, no big deal.”  But this trip changed my view of the world and forever changed the way I choose to explore it.

There were many firsts on this trip, but it was the visit to the Montego Bay countryside where I saw poverty meet joy in a way I had never experienced (even in the homelessness and housing projects of my own home city).  I spent time with the happiest children I have ever met (who became even more joyful when I happened to have enough sticks of gum to go around) in a small home with an outdoor bathroom, kitchen, and roaming chickens.  They shared their home, their food and their stories. 

I realized how small my worldview was; at that point I made a personal promise to try to experience a different country every year.


14 years, 21 countries later I am keeping that promise to myself.  I’m not a “trust fund baby” and on most of my trips I wasn’t “roughing it”.  But I have been intentional.  And the more experiences I have the less I believe I know about the world and ironically, the more I learn about myself.  On each new visit I am reminded that I didn’t know what I was missing. 

How can you describe in pictures or words the true majesty of watching the sunrise from the top of Mt. Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments, dinner with Bedouin’s or swimming in the Red Sea?

The Top of Mt. Sinai in Egypt

It’s hard to describe the connection I felt to Morocco after having been welcomed into a family’s home for a tagine dinner and a visit to their spice shop or new friends who joined a hike up the Atlas Mountains where homes literally were built in the hills. 

Amazing nature meets amazing God-given creativity.  And although hang-gliding off the Swiss Alps is better than the most remarkable theme park ride, the experience of living life with people in new cultures is truly indescribable; it’s what traveling is all about.

Pounding Shea Nuts for Shea Butter


Shopping for groceries in the local market or making shea butter in rural northern Ghana, sharing breakfast in the home of welcoming strangers in Paris, and making friends with taxi drivers in Chiang Mai who take us off the beaten path to the best local cuisine and hidden temple treasures.

Nothern Ghana Local Market

Pictures and stories are important, but they cannot fully capture the experience of being there. It’s just so much better live.


Blog Contribution by Danelle Radney

Danelle has a love for travel, people and cultures. She’s a follower of Jesus.

And she’s passionate Danelle Radney

about addressing the opportunity and achievement gaps in the U.S. She lives and works in

Washington DC with her husband. @danelleradney Danelle Radney


Eva Jordan-Johnson Owner/Group Travel Consultant, Jordan Travel Enterprise, P.O. box 37, Oakland, Florida 34760 407 924-2760 and





5 Ways to Put the FUN in your FUNdraiser
Group of adult multiethnic friends playing American football on

Has your fundraiser fallen short of your goal? Are you experiencing a lack of enthusiasm from your members?

Travel is fun, adventure filled and an exciting option to use as a vehicle to raise funds effortlessly.

The members of your group, organization or staff will be traveling regardless. Why not offer a fun way for the group to come together, vacation, network and raise funds for your cause.

Multi-Cultural Office Staff Sitting Having Meeting Together

Does this sound interesting to you?

Here is a checklist to help you begin the process:

1. Utilize the service of a Travel Consultant who specializes in group and event travel. They will be able to show you how your event can raise funds and review numbers potential.

2. If you do not have an email marketing system, select a service that matches your need and get started. Options to consider: I-Contact, Aweber or Madmini to name a few.

3. Consider your group or audience when answering these questions. What is a good time to plan your event? Is your audience mainly seniors, retired folks or empty nesters? Is you audience mainly parents with school children or a combination of the two?

4. Select your travel options: Cruise or All Inclusive Resort? What is a destination or destinations you think the group would enjoy?

5. Think through your event – What are things you want to add to the event for the guests; For example, brochures with information about your organization, T Shirts with organization name, gifts or guest speakers.

If you would like to discuss your idea for a fundraiser with travel, please complete the  Group Leader Enrollment Application ,  Followed by a complimentary consultation.

Eva Jordan-Johnson Owner/Travel Consultant, Jordan Travel Enterprise, P.O. box 37, Oakland, Florida 34760 407 924-2760

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Do you have a bucket list?  Is there somewhere out there that you long to discover and experience?

My husband Sam and I love to travel. We discovered a fulfilling travel adventure through serving on a mission project many years ago. It was an eye opening, thrilling, fulfilling and life changing experience.

When the opportunity presented itself, we had so many questions. How can we afford this?  Is it safe?  Is it worthwhile?  Who will take care of our children, while we are away? It took a leap of faith and a change in mindset. This sums up my wish for you. “I am learning more and more each day to ‘walk by faith and not by sight’…I pray that in all I do I can inspire others to do the same because God wants to make the impossible, possible in your life”

We are currently here in South Africa serving the Hope of Glory Ministries in Lefatlheng, Mathibestad.

It is a rural area located 77km north of Pretoria. Hope of Glory Ministries develops orphans and at-risk kids spiritually, mentally and physically to help create a better South Africa! Due to the pandemic of HIV/AIDS and poverty there has been a tremendous increase in teenage pregnancies, child and grandmother heads of households in the town of Mathibestad.

We have joined hands with Hope of Glory Ministries, indigenous African Professionals, business owners and volunteers to offer HOPE through:

1. Construction of  “Hope of Glory Ministries” Children Life Center which will  provide  housing and classrooms for up to 200 children

2. Installation  of twenty-five vegetable tunnels  (green houses) to serve the children and the community

3. Multipurpose facility and Development Center

4. Water well and Tanks

5. Internet Cafe (for students and the local community)  for more information

We plan to continue to volunteer and give sweat capital to this effort. We are so grateful to all the people who supported us on this adventure. Support through prayer and financially, Thank you, Thank you!
It has been a different experience being in South Africa during the Christmas season.

In the video below the children wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and a blessed 2015!

Eva Jordan-Johnson Owner/Travel Consultant, Jordan Travel Enterprise, P.O. box 37, Oakland, Florida 34760 407 924-2760

Are You Ready For Your International Travel Adventure?

What should I pack?

What should I pack?

It always seems to be a challenge preparing for a trip.  Often times, life and work seems to get in the way.

The Travel consultant could use a consultant. Excitement and anticipation prevail as I looked forward to my upcoming adventure.

Eva what are the challenges, you may ask? Taking the time to make sure everything is in order before departing for your international trip.

Travel checklist

Travel checklist

I suggest a Pre-Trip checklist as an essential tool in your preparation.


Is your passport up to date?
Is your passport up to date?

A. Do you have enough time to secure your passport?

B. If you have one, is it current for the time of travel?

C. Do you have the blank pages that are required? –

E. Do you need a visa?

F.  Are immunizations required or suggested? –

Clouds and wings

In Flight

G.. What are the requirements for luggage?

H.  Checking in at the appropriate time to get seating

I.  Refilling any medication needs

J.  Leaving travel details for family or friends in case of emergency

K. On long flights consider anti-embolism stockings or socks. – Also consider taking baby aspirin before, during and post flight.

Check with your doctor before taking any medication.

L. Taking note of the U.S. Embassy location and information in case of emergency

M. Bring an empty water bottle. It is extremely important to stay hydrated

N. Have a small amount of local currency before you arrive for tips, tolls or other essentials.

Be sure to pack charging cords

Be sure to pack charging cords

O. Pack hand sanitizing wipes and a small bottle of hand sanitizer to keep germs at bay

P. Be sure to have all your charging cords and extra batteries for your PC/Mac and mobile devices.

Q. Pack a small flashlight – You never know when you will need it

R. Purchase Travel Insurance – There are many benefits to travel insurance (trip cancellation/interruption, repatriation) but one of the biggest is ensuring medical coverage while abroad. Hospital bills can add up quickly, so purchasing insurance is vital.

S. Check to see if you will need outlet converters or adapters for your country destination.

T. Pack an assortment of plastic Ziploc bags from sandwich size to gallon size. They will come in handy for a variety of uses. You will thank me 🙂

I hope you found this list helpful. What would you add to the list? What did you find that was a must add to your list?

As always we strongly suggest utilizing the services of a Travel Consultant to assist you with your travel needs.


Eva Jordan-Johnson Owner/Travel Consultant, Jordan Travel Enterprise, P.O. box 37, Oakland, Florida 34760 407 924-2760 – See more at:


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Every Vacation Has A Story -share yours with us.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

“Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” – Pat Conroy

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
St. Augustine

I am excited as I venture into to the world of blogging. I am looking forward to

sharing with you and hearing from you, your travel stories and adventures. We

want to hear the good, the bad and the funny 🙂

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